Photoshop Work Experience – Day Four

Photoshop Work Experience – Day 4

However, everything didn’t run smoothly, as when I went to start designing my logo, Photoshop decided to lag, and I could not get anything done. I then drew out a few logo designs out on paper, which I was happy with. I had to use Adobe Illustrator, but I didn’t know how to use the software, so I was very slow and didn’t enjoy myself as much.

Fox Cutout x2On Photoshop, I managed to get a few things done, but I only created one logo idea. I cut the fox silhouette out of the pattern, to create the patterned fox, and then I wrote out the name ‘Purple Haze’ onto it. First, I wrote it out in black, but it wasn’t very clear, so I changed the colour to white since it would be more visible. I really liked this logo idea, but I just wish that I could have created more ideas.

Fox Logo WhiteJack had set up and formatted the website to my basic needs, but I spent some time formatting it myself. I changed the background colours, the font colours and the header. I found a picture on Google that I liked, so I set that up as the header. I also copied and pasted the first blog post onto my website, and changed it so that it worked with the size and shape of my own website.

I didn’t get much done today, due to Photoshop acting up, but I loved everything that I did make, since I had created (part of) my own logo and website.