From Technical to Technicolor

Local property development company Ashwood Homes have, not surprisingly, been doing a bit of property developing as of late.

Their current development, Mill View in Cowbit is just coming to fruition, however not all of the properties are quite ready for viewing. They needed a site map made so prospective buyers will be able see which house design is going where and get to work picking themselves a new home.


That’s where we come in.



Closely referencing a technical drawing of the site, the Drive By Design team got to work using Photoshop to create roads, pavements, trees and those all important houses with technical precision.



Inspired by road map play mats and monopoly houses, we injected an element of fun and accessibility without compromising the accuracy of the plan.

All in all this was a time consuming process, but Ashwood’s technical team gave us the thumbs up and all that was left was the addition of a key and Mill View’s brand identity (previously created by us).


The finished article

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