New Year, New Design

It’s a brand new year and over at Drive by Design there’s been a lot of new-ness going around; new staff, new clients, sort-of-new ownership. We can barely keep up. As such, one of our regular clients Ashwood Homes wanted in on some of that action.


Out With The Old

Until now, they have been reusing an old design by one of our old designers; when you have ads going out every week or so, cutting costs and staying on-brand by simply tweaking a design that works for you is just good sense.

However, the Ashwood team weren’t convinced this design was working for them. With random splashes of ill-matching colour, a crowd of unnecessary information and questionable design features, items of importance such as logos and product information get a little lost; the eye just doesn’t know where to look.

Their ‘New Year, New Home‘ campaign has been running for a couple of months now, but going into the New Year itself, they felt they needed a fresh design which was all wheat, no chaff, that still had all the necessary information, but used simple design to allow their quality products to speak for themselves.


In With The New

Taking Ashwood’s needs into account, our team took a no-mess-no-fuss approach to this design. With a turnaround time of a single day, we cut the wordcount down by 2/3, keeping the kernel information and placing the product, logo and strap line at center stage.

The new layout showcases the products themselves, utilizing a small but powerful selection of the photographs and CGIs Ashwood Homes provided us with, which allows the quality of the products to shine through without having to spell it out to people.

This design was tailor made to suit an armed forces-focused magazine, yet with a few tweaks it can be used and reused, not only for this publication or even their ‘New Year, New Home’ campaign, but it can be adapted with minimal cost to suit any product or campaign and any format or publication they’d like to be featured in.

We’ve got it covered.

If you’d like to speak to one of the Drive by Design team about your graphic design needs, feel free to drop into the office or call us on 01775 061512 and we’d be happy to chat about your upcoming projects.