The Dog Blog

As animal lovers here at Drive by Design, we’re always thrilled when a project comes up which largely entails sorting through snaps of our fluffy friends, and this one didn’t let us down. The local dog trainers over at Lincs Training have been clients of hours for a good while and they felt like shaking up their website by delving into the bloggershpere.

Drive by Websites takes care of all the technical stuff where websites are concerned, but it’s our job to work with clients, translating what they want into something visual. We’ve got a keen eye for design so this not only means the web developers have a great basis and a clear direction when getting to work on the real thing (cutting development time in half), but it gives a chance for our clients to go through the design with a fine tooth comb for a truly tailor made website.


The Design Process

After discussing the project and going through a few websites they like, we came up with a couple of designs to suit our clients’ needs. With a little variation where the clients themselves weren’t sure what would be best for them, we used their preexisting branding to show them how their website would look.


The First Design: Too Simple

In true Goldilocks fashion, the first was too simple; while content-focused and easy to use, this design didn’t have enough of a branding-focus and there isn’t enough incentive to look back at older posts.

While a nice design with many of the things discussed in our first meeting, the client decided this one wasn’t for them.













The Second Design: Too Complex

While the first design focused on getting people to read the most recent posts, this one focuses more on getting a number of posts across to the reader: perhaps they’re skimming for a certain topic, perhaps they just want to see if their dog was mentioned. But there’s a lack of content focus; why click on that post among a sea of others? No one wants to go to the effort of writing content for their website, only to have people skip over it.

Perhaps this would be better for a company who has content to spare or definitive topics that they expect certain clientele to skip to, but maybe not for Lincs Training.








The Third Design: Just Right

With a content focus, plus a handy sidebar with all the tools Lincs Training were looking for: the ability to find older posts easily, a search option, links to their social media and a handy comments section, they decided this design was perfect for them.

Having made this decision only last week, the blog should be up and running by next weekend; the speediest service around. Once it’s ready to go live, we’ll schedule in a training session so they can get blogging. We also offer a copywriting service to boot, should any clients feel they won’t be able to keep posting regular content – a similar service is available for clients websites that don’t involve blogs, but need updating regularly.


If you’re interested in any of the services Drive by Design, or indeed Drive by Websites have to offer, feel free to call us on 01775 761512 or pop into our Pinchbeck office and we’ll have you sorted in a jiffy.