Less Is More

We take pride in being on-trend here at Drive By Design and right now clean, effortless and elegant works would be walking the graphic design runway, if we had one. However, those aren’t words that spring to mind when you think of a garage-cum-pet shop, Haltham Garage and Haltham Pet Foods (two companies under the same umbrella) asked us to whip up a couple of images for their Facebook advertising campaign.


Facebook Advertising

One of the most efficient and effective methods of advertising, in terms of grabbing the most attention from a targeted audience for the least amount of money, is a service that Drive By Websites provides – either as something they can do for you, or you can book one-to-one training, so you can learn to do it yourself.

In this instance, we’re the monkeys to their organ grinders; they work closely with clients and sort all the technical stuff, making sure the right ads go to the right people. Whereas we’re responsible for the images. There is however a technical aspect for us to consider because Facebook’s policies limit the amount of text that can be used within an ad’s accompanying image.


Minimalism is a Blessing

We’re thanking our lucky stars that minimalism is in fashion for many a reason. The first one being that we love it; the outcome looks professional and understated, allowing the brand and the products to speak for themselves. Gandhi said ‘Speak only when it improves upon the silence’ – we see nothing wrong with negative space if you’ve got nothing of value to put there.

Secondly, the restrictions within a Facebook ad can lead to crowding text into a small space, or an ad which not only struggles get the message across, but dwarfs the text. However a minimalist approach works with this restriction, rather than against it; small amounts of text work great within a minimal design, and the message gets across perfectly using a well-chosen, concise sentence.


And Just Like That

The result is two elegant, clean and cohesive images that are perfectly fit for Facebook ads, but haven’t had their design compromised in the process