Designers and Developers

As you might know, Drive by Websites and Drive by Design are two peas in a pod. The coding and graphic design aspects are fairly separate, but when it comes to web design the lines get a little blurred.


The Design Process

When we work with a client who wants a brand new website (or a brand new look for an existing website), we begin by presenting the client with several mock-ups. These are a collaborative effort between both graphic designer, web developer and client. We glean as much information as we can to tailor make a design suiting all the clients needs and requests, including their brand identity. The client then has a realistic representation of the final product that can be tweaked and adjusted as they see fit.

The graphic designer and the web developer work together to produce these mock-ups; the graphic designer focuses on the overall look and branding, while the web developer makes sure all the desired functions are included and that the design is plausible in terms of timescale, budget and the limitations of the medium itself.


Shaking Things Up

There are a couple of questions we’ve been asking ourselves as of late. The most prevalent one being ‘is this process as time- and cost-effective as is could be?’ the answer is probably not. It doesn’t have to take two people to create a web design, it’s a perfectly achievable task for one person with adequate knowledge of both sides of the business.

As such, our design team are being put through a crash-course in web developing. Don’t panic – we probably won’t be working on websites to a huge degree, and not without close supervision. We will however, receive the training we need to create visually stunning designs, but they’ll be affordable, achievable and functional too, without the assistance of an on-hand web developer. In effect, they’ll have more time to do what they do best; developing websites.

With those pesky designs taken care of by yours truly, our web developers will have more time to work on the finished product, so you the customer, can look forward to a slightly speedier web development service.