Little Advert, Big Impact

This week the Drive By team decided we would drum up a little business by placing an advert in a local newspaper. Naturally our talented designers have got it covered.

With a super-slim deadline (little did we know, the ad space was purchased only a few hours before the paper was going to print), the team got cracking on creating an on-brand ad for both Drive by Websites and Drive by Design. We utilized negative space and the bright, odd-angled colour blocking that adorns our brand to create an eye catching chevron effect – that’s particularly important when the ad is a teeny 6cm x 4.6cm of a page which is over a foot high.

Clearly segmented, the ad is half Drive By Websites and half Drive by Design, but work in clear harmony despite the confined space. In print its a high quality design which showcases both our graphic design skills and advertises our services. On the digital copy of the paper (very 21st Century), not only is it an ad which draws the eye, but the web addresses on the graphic act as a hyperlink; you can click on them and they’ll take you to our website, that might be how you find your way to this post, who knows?

The Design Itself

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